Why Us

Regent Plast has become an institution in the rigid plastics packaging marketplace in India. It differentiates itself on the following building blocks:


Quality is the foundation of our growth!

This single Objective permeates every aspect of our business: whether it's in the raw materials used in our products, our manufacturing platforms used to produce our products. The Company practises kaizen, and continues to invest heavily in systems aided by technological advancements as well our people. At our factory, we have a state of the art quality control laboratory for testing of our products. Quality Plans are designed around the intended usage of the products, and each and every bottle made by Regent Plast is passed through a pressurised leak testor to check for pinholes. We are committed to Zero Defect Product.


On Time, Every Time is the hallmark of our success.

Our focus is on providing exceptional customer service and satisfaction, and we are continually pursuing improvement in all areas of our business.

Our commitment to your success does not end with quality packaging, execution, and service. Our relationships are supported by Regent Plast value-added services, including technical support, freight, logistics, warehousing, and inventory management.


We constantly invest in high efficiency machinery to provide high quality products at a reasonable price to our customers so that they find value in purchasing from us.

Large Selection of Open Items:

If you have a short lead-time or need a lower-cost entry to market, consider one of our stock packages.


Regent Plast's success has been based on the complete trust our customers have in our professionalism, integrity and reliability.

We can be trusted to do what is right. Our Management respects the intellectual property rights of our customers, and believes in doing what is right each time. Testimonial to this fact is that, we work for some of the most respected automotive lubricants and agro-chemicals brands of the world who have a presence in our geography, and have retention rate of more than 99%.