We are aware of the great responsibilities that come to us with regards to contributing to the future of our world:

Regent Plast pursues a resource conserving policy in all areas:


By using innovative technologies, the experience of our people, available new materials and working closely with our dear customers, we are continuously reducing the weight of our products. Recently, we received an appreciation letter from the Indian Oil Company for our efforts in this direction.


The Company is closely monitoring its energy consumption per kilogram of product manufactured by us, and is committed to reducing its energy footprint by harnessing newer and more efficient technologies, and by improving the quality of its products to reduce its internal rejection rates.

Waste Reduction:

We generally try to ensure that material waste, where possible, is recycled back into the production cycle. In this way, material waste that occurs can be optimally used and reduced in the best way possible. However, in cases, wherein the product demands that the waste generated cannot be used in our processes, through rigorous monitoring, and subsequent improvement of process efficiency, we are constantly endeavouring to reduce the waste percentage each year.