Our Vision


We will be the best packaging company in the world, working in true partnership with our customers, our suppliers, and among ourselves.

Mission Statement:

The Group's objective is to design, manufacture and deliver a wide range of packaging products in a manner that meets and exceeds our customer's requirements.


We will do this in such a way that will allow us to be profitable yet competitive in order to provide customers with innovative and solid packaging solutions.

Core Values:

  • Our customers are our reason for being: A supplier who values our customers' business and does not just take their orders for granted. Maintain our position as an adaptable and flexible supplier to our valued customers.
  • Our people are our past, present and future: We will operate within a culture of integrity, character and respect. We will maintain a safe working environment. We will attract and cultivate a responsible, competent, efficient and empowered workforce. We will provide opportunities to excel. We will communicate. We will listen.
  • Preserving the environment. Always examining our responsibilities to balance sustainable development with the demands of the market place.
  • Innovate: Continually looking to future needs and demands of the market to redefine and manage our service.

Our Motto:

Zero Defect + On Time + Every Time Delivery + Safety In Mind !